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Planning In the Moment


During a recent inset day, Staff attended some inspirational training led by Anna Ephgrave, regarding ‘In the Moment Planning’ (ITMP). With this approach children are encouraged and supported to choose and access their own resources, thus ‘creating’ their own activities and play, (in contrast to practitioners setting out resources for the children to play with that day - as this is effectively the adult’s choice of play, and not the child’s). This type of child-led play and learning leads to deeper involvement and engagement, helps children to develop their thinking skills, problem solving and creativity. Timely and thoughtful intervention by the adult ‘scaffolds’ each child’s learning and children’s ‘next steps’ are spontaneous and supported immediately.


It is recognised that children learn best when motivated and interested, and we believe that incorporating this approach to the EYFS curriculum will be beneficial in supporting children to acquire ‘skills for life’, as well as for their next steps in learning. Please speak to a member of staff if you would like more information.